Mellotron Samples

The 3 Violins and Combined Brass were sampled in 2003 from a 1973 Mellotron M400S. The String Section, Combined Choir, GC3 Brass, M300A, M300B and Woodwind 2 were sampled in 2008. The MkII Flute and Cello were sampled in 2010. The first 5 notes of the Cello were produced by a double bass, hence, the difference in sound from the rest of the notes. The tapes and frames were brand new when sampled. The 3 Violins sound is the harsher sounding MkII Violins and not the M400 violins, which are really the MkII violins with the top end rolled off. The samples were recorded "hot" with the tone control fully clockwise. This is not how M400's are normally played. The tone control is generally set from about 1/8 to 1/3 clockwise, assuming the amplification system tones are flat. You may want to cut the top end due to the brightness of the samples. A volume pedal is a must for authentic Mellotronic dynamics. Each set of samples is about 20 megabytes.

These samples have not been looped so as to retain the need to use the spider technique of playing a real Mellotron. If you want to loop them, that's your choice. They are approximately 7 seconds in length and retain both the initial attack, and in many cases, the bad endings.

These are ZIP files of approximately 20mb each.

MkII Violins


String Section



MkII Brass

GC3 Brass

MkII Flute

Woodwind 2

Combined Choir